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The Asgeir Aishwarya V. Nair

The Asgeir

Aishwarya V. Nair

Kindle Edition
546 pages
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 About the Book 

Annaleise Woodstone, the youngest member of the ancient Woodstone family, didn’t think her life could get much more complicated: her parents expected her to carry on the family name, which meant failure was never an option—she had to be the best student, eloquent, perfect at all times. When sixth year came around and she still hadn’t specialized, she didn’t think life could get much worse. Then she was paired with Rolan—her ex-best friend. As she struggled to deal with having him around again, the two discover new powers that are inexplicable—powers that rewrite Specializer history. As they discover more about what the powers mean, the two uncover an imminent threat. An ancient, powerful creature who had been trapped by the strongest specializers in history was breaking out of its prison- it’s wrath sufficient to destroy not just Anna and Rolan’s world, but the entire Specializer timeline. Stuck together to face an opponent they have no understanding of, Anna and Rolan must come to trust each other and work together to find a way to curb the evil threatening to plague their world, but the more Anna understands, the less clear it becomes who is truly evil. This debut novel creates a magical world full of adventure, beauty and hidden goodness.